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Online Eye Test

Better vision means more quality of life, but the basis for better vision is a precise professional eyesight test at an eye care specialist in order to provide you with the right individual prescription spectacle lenses.

ZEISS provides an online vision screening check that can help you quickly and easily determine whether it’s time to have such a professional eyesight test.



Amsler Grid eye test

The Amsler Grid

The Amsler Grid is a convenient test you can do at home to monitor changes in your vision. It helps detect many problems early, while they may still be treatable. If any changes are noted, you should contact your optometrist.

  • If you use reading glasses, wear them for this test
  • Ensure you have adequate lighting
  • View the grid at normal reading distance
  • Cover one of your eyes with your hand
  • Stare at the center dot on the grid
  • While looking at the center dot, observe how the lines appear

Are any lines wavy or distorted? Are any of the lines missing or blurry? Are any of the boxes different in size or shape?

  • Test the other eye


*Note that online test are simple guides. We always recommend having regular Eyesight Tests by an Optometrist. If ever in doubt it’s best to drop in and see us or give us a call.