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What’s right for you?

Around half the population has a vision problem. However, this is now easy to correct with suitable solutions available for virtually all vision problems.

The eye is our most important sensory organ. Even today, medicine has not found a way to prevent the natural deterioration of vision. But spectacles with the correct lenses make it possible for almost everyone to see sharply.


Modern, individually customised lenses are now available for virtually every occasion and every vision requirement.

Spectacles are now easier to wear, with modern frames and spectacle lenses making them very comfortable. The high-refraction plastic lenses used today also considerably reduce the weight of strong ( high power ) prescription spectacle lenses. Modern progressive lenses allow wearers to see precisely at all distances. Anti-reflective spectacle lens coatings prevent annoying light reflections, while self-tinting (also known as photochromic, light sensitive or “Transitions”) spectacle lenses darken when exposed to ultraviolet light.


Spectacles also help protect your eyes against dirt, dust and insects. There are ideal spectacles for every occasion including work spectacles for those who spend a lot of time on computers or tablet PCs, i.e. those who want comfortable and sharp vision primarily in the near and mid-range distances, which can be customised as needed.

The same is true for active applications, such as sport and leisure activities. Special design and production technology now make it possible to produce lenses in your own prescription to fit highly-curved spectacle frames.


Lens Coatings

zeiss duravision lens coatingConstant clear visibility thanks to high-tech coatings. Innovative spectacle lens finishes that optimally protect your spectacle lenses and increase your visual comfort. Special, innovative coatings make even plastic lenses, which used to be rather delicate, into durable precision vision aids.

We know that prescription lens coatings are important. All our lenses are supplied with a hard coating to both sides to increase durability. Anti-reflection coatings can be added to the lenses to reduce annoying reflections, increase light transmission and give greater cosmetic appeal.However, like the equipment in a new car, there are also differences in quality and specifications that the glasses wearer can select individually in consultation with us.


Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are an alternative form of vision correction to glasses. There are plenty of options to suit most prescriptions, and different wearing modalities to suit different lifestyles.

All contacts are not the same, and they should be properly fitted to your eyes before wearing them. Your Optometrist will make sure they fit well, you get good vision with them and that they are not going to cause damage your eyes.

Soft disposable lenses are the most common form of contacts fitted. You can get monthly disposable lenses (that you wear for a month before replacing), 2 weekly lenses, or daily disposable lenses (that you wear once and then replace).

RGP or hard lenses are less common nowadays but are still used in tricky cases. These lenses are not disposable and as long as they are looked after should last several years.


If you are interested in contact lenses ask your Optometrist at your eye exam.