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Simple to stylish frames & everything in between


BOZ eyewear

The stylish, sensual and gorgeously coloured frames of the BOZ eyewear collections bestow originality and elegance on the women who wear them.

Exploring cultural mixes and the influence of plants, the brand makes its mark using contemporary and original themes.

To see their collection Visit the Boz Eyewear website 

J.F. REY eyewear design

The brand J.F.Rey immediately evokes an individual style, a modern design and innovation, which evolve in a creative universe of constant movement.

J.F.Rey frames don’t have to worry about fashion. They announce loud and strong their willingness to express their character.

To see their collection Visit the J.F.Rey Eyewear website 

Face & Cie – Zenka

“It’s a lifestyle, you can create and customise your own frame by adding a clip on the front or on the temple.”

A stylish range of frames that can be transformed to match your outfit or mood. Customizable frames : every frame is dressed by many interchangeable design clips – that come in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns and colours.

To see the collection Visit the Face & Cie Website 

Volte Face Paris

With 4 collections a year and a distribution network that takes designer Fabienne Coudray-Miesel’s frames around the world and into more than 15 countries across Europe, Asia, America and New Zealand.  Her vision keeps expanding, breaking new ground at every corner.
To see the collection Visit the Volte Face Paris website