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Eye Testing
Routine eye exams are advised for everyone.

As a general rule, we would recommend everyone see their Optometrist every 2-3 years, more frequently if there is a family history of any eye conditions.


Many eye diseases have no symptoms, so you will be unaware that there is anything going on until your Optometrist advises you.

If you need any specific paperwork or certification it is advisable to mention this when you book your eye exam.


Eye Exams

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We provide comprehensive eye exams by a fully qualified Therapeutic Optometrist.

This includes a full vision and refraction check, as well as a thorough eye health work up. You will have retinal photographs taken, and automated visual fields will be done when indicated.

If you require further assessment or testing this will be discussed with you by your Optometrist at your appointment.

At the end of your eye exam a management plan will be formed. This will include whether (new) glasses are required and an appropriate follow up interval. If glasses are advised our Dispensing Optician will discuss your options with you. Lens design, frame selection, coatings and tints will be chosen to suit your needs.